Sustainability Features

Designed with sustainability in mind because sustainability is an emerging priority

Carbon Trust Certification1,2,3

FLEXBUMIN® 25% is the first medical product certified by the Carbon Trust

Lower carbon footprint

Using just 4 containers of FLEXBUMIN 25% (100 mL) per day for a week instead of glass bottles provides the same CO2 reduction as using 3 fewer gallons of gasoline4*

Reduced waste volume

It takes more than 8 discarded FLEXBUMIN 25% containers to equal the weight of just 1 discarded glass bottle of equal volume5*

Safe end-of-life disposal

Internal container film is composed of PVDC; meaning the container film can be processed without creating harmful residues such as dioxins when incinerated according to established industry standards.6,7

**Calculations based on bottles of BUMINATE 25% [Albumin (Human)] USP, 25% Solution
Polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC)

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