Efficiency Features

Designed with efficiency in mind because efficiency is always a priority

FLEXBUMIN® 25% can be set up and prepared for administration in 3 simple steps1
  • Suspend container
  • Remove plastic protector from outlet
  • Attach administration set

Readily accessible when you need it most

Convenient access and efficient storage via automated dispensing cabinets2

Store more product in less space

FLEXBUMIN 25% (50 mL) in the GALAXY® container provides up to 60% reduction in shelf space compared with glass bottles of equal volume3*

Lightweight for ease of handling

FLEXBUMIN 25% in the GALAXY container is 40% lighter when compared with glass bottles of equal volume3*

Shelf life

2-year stability at room temperature4

*Calculations based on bottles of BUMINATE 25% [Albumin (Human)] USP, 25% Solution

1. FLEXBUMIN 25% [Albumin (Human)], USP, 25% Solution [package insert]. Westlake Village, CA: Baxter Healthcare Corporation. 2. Data on File. FLEXBUMIN Usage Cycle Analysis, 2009. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. 3. Data on File. Plastic vs. Glass: Weights and Dimensions, 2005. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. 4. Data on File. Biologics License Application. Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

Thoroughly inspect the flexible container for minute leaks, particulate matter and discoloration prior to administration. Utilize administration set with a filter of 15 microns or smaller. Do not add supplementary medication.1