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FLEXBUMIN® 5%: The first 5% human albumin in a GALAXY® flexible plastic container.1

Now you can choose an albumin that meets
your top priorities:

  • Safety Features:

    FLEXBUMIN 5% is the only 5% human albumin that can be administered with a non-vented set1 (Learn More)
  • Efficiency Features:

    FLEXBUMIN 5% is stable for 2 years from the date of manufacture at room temperature2 (Learn more)
  • Sustainability Features:

    FLEXBUMIN 5% containers do not emit harmful residues such as dioxins when incinerated after use2,3 (Learn More)

Packaging Information

250 mL 12.5 10 bags per carton 12.25x 6.125 x 6.625 7 lbs

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