FLEXBUMIN® 25% is the
first albumin in the GALAXY® flexible plastic container.1

Now you can choose an albumin that meets
your top priorities:

  • Safety Features:

    GALAXY shatterproof flexible plastic container eliminates safety concerns from glass breakage and spills1 (Learn more)
  • Efficiency Features:

    Convenient access and efficient storage via automated dispensing cabinets2 (Learn more)
  • Sustainability Features:

    Empty FLEXBUMIN 25% containers are approximately 90% lighter than empty glass bottles of equal volume3* (Learn more)

∗Calculations based on bottles of BUMINATE® 25% [Albumin (Human)] USP, 25% Solution

1. FLEXBUMIN 25% [Albumin (Human)], USP, 25% Solution [package insert]. Westlake Village, CA: Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

2. Data on File. Flexbumin Usage Cycle Analysis, 2009. Baxter Healthcare Corporation. 3. Data on File. Market Analysis: Regulated Medical Waste Disposal Cost Assessment, 2010. Baxter Healthcare Corporation.